How the Spread His WordPerpetual Fundraising Program Works

This is an unique fundraising program to help your Church, Missions or Christian School build ongoing financial support.  We have searched for unusual and everyday items that all of us can purchase to use or give as gifts to our family, friends, and of course our Pastors, Missionaries, Volunteers, and our Christian School Teachers and School Volunteers.

We have tried to price our products to match those that would be purchased at local stores, so hopefully every time that someone is looking to purchase a gift for someone they would come to SpreadHisWord.com first.

Between 20 to 50 percent of every purchase price goes to the ministry or mission that the purchaser selects.  That means each and every time a member of your congregation, or those helping to support missionaries, missions,or Christian schools purchases an item, a significant percent is provided as support in your name.  And this continues every time there is a purchase---all year long, each and every year.  No longer do you have to think about a specific timeline for raising funds.  And, these funds can be for overall support of a missionary, a specific mission, or for the numerous opportunities at your Church or School, e.g. youth groups, ladies’ ministries, men’s ministries, building funds, Bible Studies, Sunday School, and more.

These funds are distributed on the first of every month through our online banking directly to the ministry, mission or Christian school selected by the purchaser.

If you go back to the Home Page you will see in the upper right corner that the Shopping Cart will show the selectedpurchaser’s total cost, and right below the Cart they will also note exactly how much money will be distributed to their Mission on their behalf.

How do you get the information out to your congregation, those supporting missionaries and missions and Christian school parents and supporters?  There are several ways you may want to accomplish this:

  1. Add our website link to your website.
  2. Send out to all on your email contact list.
  3. Add our website on your newsletters or bulletins.
  4. Talk it up during announcements as a perpetual way to have funds always available, instead of that dreaded request from the pulpit that we need funds for this or that project.
  5. Word of Mouth.